About Us

PakMachines.com is a one-stop shop for new and used machinery providing an unrivaled offering of equipment for everyone!

Our mission is to provide a robust platform and unparalleled experience for people seeking to conduct machinery buy, sell or rent. We connect buyers and sellers, and give them the tools and services to complete their sale safely, securely and with complete confidence.

Whether it’s new or used equipment or rentals for the upcoming job, PakMachines.com has got you covered. We pride ourselves in staying true to our word and doing whatever to bring what you need to get the job done right. We set the standards for equipment rentals, sales and purchase by offering the latest models for all your civil and renewable needs.

Our extensive inventory makes it an easy choice for all businesses looking to buy/sell/rent machinery. We have a proven track record of supplying heavy earthmoving, civil and mechanical equipment.

Our Story

PakMachines was created by a heavy machinery enthusiast who for many years had been working in the heavy machinery industry and realized the domestic market was underserved, and untapped. With this platform, we hope and aspire that anyone with machinery needs will not have to struggle again ever. As specialists in the manufacturing industry, we use our past expertise to ensure quality control and unparalleled service.

Our Ethos is simple; to supply the best, most productive equipment to its customers and provide responsive and seamless service like no other. Our staff is trained and prepared to answer any and all questions regarding your machinery needs.

Why Us

A seamless way to buy and sell machinery in Pakistan!

  •   Easy-to-use interface
  •   Access to all kinds of machinery
  •   No paid ad obligation
  •   Convenient purchase & sale
  •   Multiple options to contact buyers

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